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The Fullerton's

Eddie Fullerton

Husband extraordinaire, construction ninja, DIY magician, and the boss with the sauce.

Tosha Fullerton

The ultimate multitasker: loving wife & devoted mother, efficient administrator, talented organizer, & creative designer.
Craftsman Contracting Co. stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to their clients' well-being and their profound love for the craft.
Our Origin Story
Image of the Fullerton family (Brookes, Eddie, Tosha, Silas)
Craftsman Contracting Co. emerged from a personal journey driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence. As homeowners and dream builders, Eddie and Tosha Fullerton embarked on a transformative adventure when they made the life-changing decision to purchase a fixer-upper and fulfill their lifelong dream of settling into this remarkable town. Little did they know, this endeavor would unveil a profound need for top-tier workmanship and responsive contractors in the area.

Immersed in the project, Eddie and Tosha tackled the majority of the work themselves, drawing upon their passion for craftsmanship and design. With Eddie's skilled hands bringing their vision to life and Tosha's keen eye overseeing and orchestrating the aesthetic details, their commitment to exceptional quality was unwavering. Through this experience, they recognized a shared aspiration—a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others in this beloved town they now called home.

Having dedicated two decades to assisting others in realizing their dreams, Eddie and Tosha arrived at a defining moment—a moment when they realized it was time to construct their own dreams. Thus, Craftsman Contracting Co. was born. Fuelled by their partnership in both business and life, Eddie and Tosha's synergy became the cornerstone of their success.

Craftsman Contracting Co. stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to their clients' well-being and their profound love for the craft. Their comprehensive expertise encompasses not only outstanding craftsmanship but also an intuitive understanding of clients' desires. They wholeheartedly believe that every individual deserves to live well and truly love their home—a place that is an embodiment of their dreams and aspirations.

Together, Eddie and Tosha invite you to embark on an extraordinary journey, where the culmination of their experience, passion, and unwavering dedication will transform your house into a home you will cherish for a lifetime. Craftsman Contracting Co. is more than a construction company; it is a manifestation of their shared vision to craft spaces that inspire, enrich, and truly reflect the lives of their valued clients.

Image of Eddie Fullerton

Eddie Fullerton

It all began during my childhood in the serene rural farmland of South Dakota, where I spent countless hours immersed in nature, playing with my father's tools, and indulging in the joys of building and exploration. Looking back, it feels like the epitome of an idyllic upbringing. In 1997, my journey led me to Arizona, where I settled and called this vibrant state home.

During my high school years, while friends tinkered with cars, we would gather at their father's cabinet shop, using his tools and transforming our vehicles. Cars became a passion, but they also demanded a significant investment of time and money. Seeking a way to sustain my passion and earn a living, I started working at the shop. I was immersed in the art of cabinet building, learning the craft from the ground up. From hand tools to sophisticated machinery, I honed my skills and craftsmanship. As I progressed, I became the shop foreman, responsible for overseeing full cabinet projects, from inception to installation. Every day brought new challenges and opportunities to create Euro-style cabinets, custom furniture, and traditional face-frame cabinets.

Eventually, I ventured into the realm of high-end custom home remodels in Scottsdale, working with a small general contractor who hailed from a long line of skilled Chicago carpenters. This experience tested the limits of my abilities. Perfection was the standard, and any deviation required starting over. They taught me to work meticulously, prioritizing precision over speed. Over the years, I refined my expertise in the field, blending technical proficiency with an unwavering commitment to excellence.
As time passed, I transitioned into the sales side of the construction industry, all the while applying my skills to remodel my own historic home in central Phoenix. In 2020, we set a neighborhood record for price per square foot in our historic community, selling our home and purchasing a new one in Flagstaff. The past two years have been dedicated to a comprehensive gut and remodel project while juggling a full-time job. Throughout this process, with the support of my loved ones, it became clear to me that Flagstaff is in need of skilled and experienced tradespeople—responsible, communicative contractors who operate with integrity and honesty. These values have been the bedrock of my personal and professional success.

By doing right by our clients, we establish a foundation of trust that fosters reciprocal loyalty. As I embark on this entrepreneurial journey, I remain committed to upholding these values and bringing them to every project and client interaction. My goal is to help clients achieve their aspirations and bring their visions to life, while nurturing lasting relationships built on mutual respect and shared goals. With 13 years of marriage and two young boys, I eagerly anticipate the day when I can impart this timeless trade to the next generation, passing down the values of integrity, craftsmanship, and dedication.

Craftsman Contracting Co. is not just a business venture; it is a family legacy in the making—a testament to the love for our craft, the desire to serve our clients with excellence, and the joy of building dreams one project at a time.
Image of Tosha Fullerton

Tosha Fullerton

Tosha's entrepreneurial spirit has burned brightly within her for as long as she can remember. As a trailblazer in her family, she became the first to graduate college, earning a bachelor's degree in business. Her journey began as a receptionist at a Phoenix-based demolition company, diligently working while attending college during evenings and weekends.
Her determination and ambition led her to expand her horizons. She embraced a role as a personal assistant to a custom home builder in Scottsdale, immersing herself in various aspects of the business. This experience paved the way for her next venture, where she joined one of the nation's largest General Contractors as the assistant to the lead Project Manager. In this capacity, she expertly managed subcontractor scheduling, budgets, insurance, and more.

Through her career, she explored different paths, venturing into Human Resources and Retail Management at the Banana Republic in Scottsdale. However, destiny had more in store for her. She discovered her true calling when she landed a dream job that combined her passion for aesthetics, design, people, and orchestrating intricate projects—Event Planning. For years, she owned her own Corporate Event Planning business, curating unforgettable experiences worldwide until the pandemic brought the industry to a halt.

Returning to her roots, she found herself managing the demolition and remodeling of their newly acquired dream home in Flagstaff. It reignited her love for the construction industry and sparked a new wave of inspiration. Now, she is thrilled to channel her extensive knowledge of construction, her keen eye for design, and her remarkable project management skills into her own business—a dream realized.
Together, Eddie and Tosha bring their collective expertise, unwavering passion, and shared vision to Craftsman Contracting Co. They are committed to providing exceptional craftsmanship, heartfelt customer service, and making their clients' dreams a tangible reality.
Image of a collage of the Fullerton Family
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