Why Hire a Licensed and Insured Contractor

Don't Believe Everything You See!

An unlicensed entity can be anyone, and in Arizona, contractors must be licensed and possess a bond. Insurance isn't a licensing requirement, leading many homeowners and business owners to unknowingly hire unlicensed contractors. Nowadays, online ads and phone numbers can redirect to telemarketers in different states, leaving you vulnerable to scams and losing your hard-earned money.

Licensed contractors offer crucial protections. To get licensed, contractors must have experience, pass tests, and undergo background checks. If issues arise with a licensed contractor, you have recourse through the Registrar of Contractors, ensuring your investment is protected.

Be wary of scams! If you suspect one, contact the Registrar of Contractors or local law enforcement. Avoid door-to-door solicitors offering cheap construction services, and always research contractors, ask for references, and get written contracts detailing the scope of work.

In a world of uncertainties, hiring a licensed and insured contractor is your smartest move. Don't be fooled by false promises—go with a pro you can trust!

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